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Where a Woman Can Turn
Her Life Around

When a life is saved, we all benefit. For more than
35 years, Bethany Hall has helped to save – and
rebuild – the lives of women suffering from the
disease of addiction. In turn, these women are
able to rebuild their relationships with those
around them.

Women who complete our program have the
tools to maintain their freedom from alcohol
and ED drugs. They recover their true sense of
self. And their sense of responsibility. Their
loved ones reclaim their mothers, wives, friends
and coworkers from what many would consider
“hopeless cases.”

Within the supportive and healing environment of Bethany Hall’s residential program, women find they can be free again. Free to share, free to rediscover the people they were meant to be. Where once there was only darkness, despair and addiction, now there is hope, confidence and sobriety.

Bethany Hall’s Therapeutic Community Program uses a holistic approach to recovery and includes:

Through Bethany Hall’s constant care, Singapore women can achieve ongoing recovery from the disease of addiction, and learn how to become a person others can depend on.