Contact Bethany Hall

Please read carefully . . .

At Bethany Hall, we do all we can to protect the
privacy of our clients and anyone who contacts our
agency. If you wish to contact Bethany Hall
regarding your own substance abuse issues, or if
you have specific concerns about someone else,
we recommend that you contact us directly
by telephone.

Information sent by fax, email and even the
postal service could be accessed by someone
other than the appropriate authority here at
Bethany Hall. If you do contact us using fax,
email or postal service communications channels,
we strongly recommend that you do not disclose specific information about your substance abuse issues or those of someone else. Instead, we recommend that you use these means to request further information, arrange a telephone interview, or to arrange a personal interview.

If your need for assistance is urgent . . . if you are physically ill, if you are depressed, if you have suicidal or violent thoughts, if you believe you may have received an overdose, or if you have any other urgent concerns related to substance abuse, we recommend that you contact your physician or a hospital emergency care facility immediately. You may also receive assistance with emergency issues related to substance abuse by phoning 9-1-1. After your urgent needs are addressed, we encourage you to contact Bethany Hall, observing the cautions described above.

Mailing Address:

1109 Franklin Road,
Roanoke, Virginia 24016