What can you do to help
Bethany Hall?

We need your financial support to continue this
important work. Public funding covers only a portion
of the cost of Bethany Hall treatment. Please
consider making a gift today.

You can be assured that your donation will be used
frugally. Bethany Hall provides comprehensive
residential treatment for approximately $9,333 per
year per client. That’s significantly less than the
$19,775 our correctional system spends per person
per year (2002 Virginia average).

You will also benefit from knowing that you’ve
helped restore women, mothers, valuable employees
and members of your community to productive
and happy lives – and helped break the family
cycle of addiction for their children. We offer our
thanks in advance for any support you may offer.

To increase community awareness about Bethany Hall and about alcoholism and chemical dependency, members of the Bethany staff and Board of Directors are available for speaking engagements at schools, churches, professional associations and community organizations.

No other agency in the western half of Virginia provides long-term residential recovery services exclusive to women.

To make a donation, or to learn how you can personally help Bethany Hall, contact Bethany by phoning 540-343-4261, writing to 1109 Franklin Road, Roanoke, Virginia 24016, or e-mailing [email protected].